Brewery Safety Essentials Class- June 23,  2015

                                                                             To be held at White Labs   
                                                             9495 Candida Street San Diego, CA 92126
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Brewery Safety Essentials

Class content is geared toward craft brewery owners, operations managers, head brewers, and brewery employees.  Whether you have a program in place or have just begun to develop or consider a safety program this class is for you.  Course content is based the needs of the CA craft brewing industry.  Your instructors are safety and health professionals experienced in brewery operations.  This class was presented in San Diego and Anaheim in 2013 and 2014 receiving excellent reviews.

Who Benefits from the Class?

The objective is to provide instruction (with discussion) on how to operate breweries more safely.  The direct benefit is to anyone who works in the brewery whether owner, family member, partner, or employee.  The business also benefits by discussion of implementing programs aimed at injury reduction and therefore, savings in insurance premium cost.  Ask your insurance broker if a well-implemented safety program can save you money. The answer will be yes.

What are the Brewery Safety Essentials?

The essentials of safety are those topics that you must address in order to protect employees and stay in compliance with Cal OSHA regulations.  "Essentials" implies that you can't do without them.

Each brewery has differences but they all have hazards in common.  All have hot liquids & surfaces, pressurized systems, corrosive cleaners and sanitizers, machinery with moving parts, confined spaces, oxygen-displacing gases, ladders & stairs, material handling, and so on.  The bigger the brewery, the more of these you'll find.  This class will give you a systematic approach to addressing these concerns.

    "I know what I'm doing.  Safety is all just common sense..."

That's true to a degree, but your common sense and that of your employees may differ greatly...You both pay when things go badly.  Regulations may not match your common sense and there's a good chance you are entirely unaware of some of them. Take the guess work out of it and learn how to manage safety from professionals. 

My mission is "...The prevention of harm to people, the environment, property, and the reputation of responsible businesses." 

You will find this class informative, useful, and worth your investment.  

                        Dan Drown, CIH, CSP, 
                        Owner, Drown Consulting, LLC
                        (Known as Safety Dan in craft brewery circles)



Brewery Safety Class Topics:

Injury/Illness Prevention Program--This document is the overall description of how your site safety program works and contains 8 required elements.  Every California brewery with employees is required to have one.

ü Lockout Tag Out--The procedure is also called energy isolation.  Failure to follow its requirements has been a root cause of many serious brewery injuries. 

ü Confined Space Entry--Entering a tank is serious business.  All proper steps must be followed: verify safe atmosphere, mitigation of hazards, rescue plan, and documentation. 

ü Personal Protective Equipment--How to select and train on the proper personal protective equipment.  Written assessment is required.   

ü Emergency Action Plans--Have you addressed all of the required training for each emergency scenario.   

 Chemical Safety (HazCom)--All breweries have chemicals that can cause serious harm if not handled properly.  You must have an inventory, safety data sheets, and proper labeling.  The Federal reg changed in 2012 and California is in the process of updating. 

Accident Investigation--You must investigate and record injuries that meet Cal OSHA Log 300 criteria.  Proper investigation yields corrective actions to prevent recurrence. 

ü Equipment Safety--Machine guarding, insulation, electrical installations, pressurized equipment, forklifts, etc. have safety requirements.  Do you inspect them and know what to look for?

ü Cal OSHA Recordkeeping--If it's not in writing you didn't do it.  This is the philosophy of the regulatory world.  Learn what documentation is necessary to meet Cal OSHA expectations and how to interact if you have an inspection.

   And More........



Dan Drown, CIH, CSP, Drown Consulting, LLC

Dan has 29 years of broad-based U.S. and international experience in occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, auditing, safety and environmeDanntal management systems.  He provides environmental safety and health consulting services to a diverse global client group including Fortune 100 clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, biotech, power generation, oil & gas, and petrochemical sectors. 
"Safety" Dan
 works with many SoCal craft breweries to develop, implement, and maintain various aspects of their safety and health programs.  He is a 20 year home brewer and particularly enjoys his client work in craft brewing.  Dan is also one of the founders and partners in SoCal BOB, a business dedicated to providing continuing education to the craft brewing industry.

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