Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

What was going on? What went wrong? What were the consequences?

What are the causes? What are the corrective actions?

Who will implement them?  When? 


Incidents will occur even with the most careful planning and a well-intentioned, educated workforce. Following an injury, environmental mishap or property damage event it is critical to use a thorough and standardized method to ensure that the root causes have been identified and corrective actions have been taken. The prevention of recurrence of incidents is the ultimate purpose of incident investigation. Other goals are to satisfy regulatory requirements, insurance claims, prevent financial loss and to restore confidence to the workforce or to a customer.

All businesses can benefit from a powerful yet easily mastered method of incident investigation coupled with a systematic approach to tracking and closing recommendations. The most obvious or immediate cause of an incident is not always the root or basic cause. Failing to dig deeper into accident causation can leave significant causes undiscovered and unaddressed. We cannot afford to repeat our mistakes.


 Are you satisfied that your investigations produce results that go beyond superficial storytelling? Do your investigations focus more on blame than systematic review? Dan Drown has conducted incident investigations and trained incident investigation leaders around the world. He can help you learn more from incidents to prevent injury and financial losses.