Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

Companies with exemplary safety and health programs and processes often seek certification by Cal/OSHA in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). This partnership offers the benefit of a third party safety and health audit by the consultation branch of Cal OSHA without the stigma of a compliance inspection driven by an incident, complaint or programmed initiative.

Dan Drown has been working in the Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program since 1995. He led the first successful certification effort of a VPP site in San Diego. Since then Mr. Drown has served as a Special Team Member participating with Cal/OSHA during on-site audits. He has also:

  • Facilitated Special Team Member Training sessions
  • Presented with Cal/OSHA at the AIHA Conference
  • Assisted sites with VPP certification and certification maintainance


VPP certified sites are recognized leaders in safety and health and their programs and processes are beyond compliance with many industry best practices in place. Certification by Cal/OSHA in the Voluntary Protection Program exempts the site from programmed inspections and establishes clear and effective communications channels with Cal/OSHA.

Employee and union involvement at all levels in the organization drives this program which relies on management comittment and the development of a partnership with Cal/OSHA. Communication, training, inspection and continual improvement are key elements reinforced by VPP.

Have you been wondering how to start your certification? Do you know what it takes to get certified? If you have been considering VPP for your company call Dan Drown and learn more about the path to certification. Call 619-666-8830 or email dan@drownehs.com

The Cal/OSHA website describes the Voluntary Protection Program: