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Drown Consulting, LLC
Drown Consulting, LLC
  • Drown Consulting, LLC Occupational Safety Consulting and CIH Services

    Safety audits, written programs,

    industrial hygiene assessments, 

    OSHA compliance, OSHA VPP, 

    & management system implementation

    Dan Drown, CIH, CSP

    Over 30 Years of Experience

    Assisting clients in the chemical industry, water and power utilities, oil & gas production/refining, pharmaceutical research & production, specialty chemical, biotech, and brewing industries.  Dan has worked in Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East,  and all across the U.S. Fortune 100 and small to medium-sized businesses use Drown Consulting, LLC services. 

    Board Certified

    Certified in comprehensive practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and Board of Certified Safety Professionals. These are the hallmark credentials in the field of occupational health and safety.  

    Choose someone you can trust to evaluate, coach, and commmunicate your safety programs

    Drown Consulting, LLC can evaluate your safety program through formal or informal audits, hazard evaluations, and chemical or noise exposure monitoring.  Results are presented to you and your employees so you know what you are doing correctly and how to target areas for improvement.  Use Drown Consulting, LLC to provide safety & health training. 

    Welcome! Update your safety program or plan for your first version.

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