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Drown Consulting, LLC
Drown Consulting, LLC
  • More than 50 breweries have Drown Consulting, LLC brewery safety programs in place

    Brewery Safety

    Safety Manual

    You need an injury and illness prevention program (IIPP).  The IIPP is the overall description of how your site safety program works and contains 8 required elements.  Every California brewery with employees is required to have one and it is likely the first request during an OSHA inspection. 

    Lockout Tag Out

    The procedure is also called energy isolation as well as lockout tag out and is a brewery safety essential.  Failure to follow its requirements has been a root cause of many serious brewery injuries and citations. 

    Confined Space Entry

    Entering a tank is serious business.  All proper steps must be followed: verify safe atmosphere, mitigation of hazards, rescue plan, and documentation. Confined space entry is among the highest hazard activities taking place in breweries.

    Personal Protective Equipment

     How to select and train on the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).  Many breweries have not selected the correct PPE for chemical tasks. Written assessment and training is required. 

    Chemical Safety

     All breweries have chemicals that can cause serious harm if not handled properly.  You must have an inventory, safety data sheets, and proper labeling. Employee training and proper storage is regulated.

    Equipment Safety

    Machine guarding, insulation, electrical installations, pressurized equipment, forklifts, etc. have safety requirements.  You must  inspect them, provide employee training and keep records. 

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