Prevent harm to people, environment, property, & reputation of responsible businesses

Drown Consulting, LLC
Drown Consulting, LLC
  • Safety & Health Program Audits

    Ensure that your program is complete

    Make sure you have the proper written procedures, records, training, and safe work conditions. Audit reports focus your ongoing safety efforts and improvements. A walkthrough inspection helps reinforce your understanding of the compliance programs. 

    Plan for best practice implementation

    If you want a world-class, best practice safety program it takes strategic planning and communication. Implement a safety plan that improves working conditions and protects &  impresses your employees and customers.

    Make sure you are in compliance

    There are many regulations that your business must follow. Chances are you do not know about some of them. Having a comprehensive audit will tell you what you are doing well and where you need to focus your efforrts.